Finger and Hand Armor (Resin Kit)


Cast resin finger “armor” for creating an armored or robotic / cybernetic look! Choose from the individually listed size options to build a custom sized set!



This Finger and Hand Armor is a customizable resin kit – YOU choose which parts to purchase, and in what quantity, to build an armored or robotic / cybernetic look! Individual fingers are designed to replicate the appearance of The Winter Soldier’s cybernetic hand, but can be used for any purpose.

The total number of pieces is YOUR CHOICE. Simply select from the options above. You should select an option for EACH FINGER as well as the optional HAND PLATES – a “complete set” for ONE HAND requires 6 PIECES (5 total fingers, and 1 hand plate).

  • Each Finger consists of 3 separate “rings” – one ring per knuckle. Fingers are symmetrical and will fit either hand. (These are cast as a single piece, and should be trimmed before use.) 
  • Each Hand Plate consists of 13 separate “plates” – designed to cover the back of the hand. Hand plates only come in a LEFT HAND orientation. (These are cast as a single piece, and should be trimmed apart before use.)

These are UNFINISHED resin casts, straight from the mold. Like all raw casts they will require some trimming, sanding, assembly, and paint before being worn. Parts are cast in black Smooth-On Onyx resin. 

I DO NOT trim, sand, size, or otherwise get these ready for you to finish – they come “AS IS.”

If you’re interested in a completed version of this kit, check out Finger and Hand Armor (Chrome Plated)!



See photos for detailed sizing information. 

The “fingers” are sculpted with a rectangular shape, so the provided photos provide the most useful and accurate measurement information available. 

Each “finger” is hollow, and will have slight variations in thickness throughout the cast. It is up to YOU to determine the appropriate sizes needed for your hand. If in doubt, choose a size LARGER. Individual “knuckles” may be sanded and trimmed shorter for a custom fit, and sanded or padded on the inside to accommodate fingers of different sizes and shapes.



Below is a brief video demonstrating the movement of a set of finished Fingers and Hand Plates. These were installed on a spandex glove using magnets and superglue (cyanoacrylate).

NOTE: The knuckle closest to the hand will be longer, leaving less of a gap between the finger armor and hand plates than pictured (this video shows an early version, which has since been modified and improved).



Most items typically ship in 2-3 weeks. This allows me to work more efficiently, keeping the price lower for you.

If you need this item by a specific date, please contact me regarding that date before placing your order to confirm I can meet your deadline. Keep in mind you will likely need some time to finish the item before it can be used, so choose your desired deadline accordingly.

You will be notified when your order ships, and given tracking info.

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