Finger and Hand Armor (Chrome Plated)


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The information on this page applies to ALL SIZES of the Finger Armor I offer. Regardless of which sizes you fit, you will need to read the information and follow the instructions below. 


These are available in the standard sizes I offer: XS, S, M, L, XL, S and L Thumbs, and S and L Hand Plates. These fingers will come fully chrome plated, but otherwise UNALTERED. Once you’ve read everything on this page, simply fill out THIS FORM to place your order. Once you’ve done that, I’ll contact you to confirm the necessary details, and provide you with an invoice for the total via PayPal. 

Do to the complex and individual nature of human hands, I can’t custom size the individual “knuckles” to fit every order. I have tried to do so, and it’s proven far too difficult (and the risk of making things worse instead of better is very real). The process is very simple – all you need is a rotary tool (Dremel) and a little patience – but is MUCH easier when you can try each piece on your own hand to decide how you want it to fit. 

I also sell an unfinished version: Finger and Hand Armor (Resin Kit).



This product will contain 5 Fingers, and 1 full Hand Plate Set. Each Finger consists of 3 Knuckles (Thumbs are only 2). Each Hand Plate Set consists of 13 individual pieces. All total, this product will contain 27 individually finished and chrome plated pieces – enough to cover ONE HAND.

This product DOES NOT INCLUDE A GLOVE. You will be responsible for attaching the assorted Finger and Hand Plate pieces to your costume in a manner of your own choosing. For details on how I finished my personal Arm, see my blog post Winter Soldier Arm, Marvel Studios (Part 3).

This is a FULLY FINISHED resin cast, plated with a skin of nickel or rhodium chrome. This results in an inner layer of urethane resin sandwiched between layers of real metal. This makes a finished piece much more durable than any resin cast. The chrome skin adds a negligible amount of weight – the difference is just a few ounces.

There is no paint involved in the finish of this piece – the surface is actual metal, and can be cleaned with water, alcohol, solvents, or even acetone without any risk of damaging the surface. It will not rust or fade. It is scratch resistant, and incredibly durable. Chrome is available in 4 versions – “Polished” (high gloss), “Satin” (medium/low gloss), “Bright Satin” (medium gloss), and “Brushed” (satin finish, with brushed metal texture). My personal preference (and the more “film accurate”) is Bright Satin.

Unless you specifically request otherwise, all parts are plated with a “Bright Satin Nickel” finish. 

If you are ordering this product with a Winter Soldier Arm, I will match the finish across all pieces.



For the currently available Finger sizes, please see the listing for Finger and Hand Armor (Resin Kit)



Below is a brief video demonstrating the movement of a set of finished Fingers and Hand Plates. These were installed on a spandex glove using magnets and superglue (cyanoacrylate).

NOTE: The knuckle closest to the hand will be longer, leaving less of a gap between the finger armor and hand plates than pictured (this video shows an early version, which has since been modified and improved – see photos).



Most items typically ship in 2-3 weeks. This allows me to work more efficiently, keeping the price lower for you.

If you need this item by a specific date, please contact me regarding that date before placing your order to confirm I can meet your deadline. Keep in mind you will likely need some time to finish the item before it can be used, so choose your desired deadline accordingly.

You will be notified when your order ships, and given tracking info.

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