Winter Soldier Arm (Resin Kit) -MEDIUM-



This Winter Soldier Arm kit includes 2 pieces – a shoulder/bicep piece, and a forearm piece. 

This is an UNFINISHED resin cast, straight from the mold. Like all raw casts it will require some trimming, sanding, assembly, and paint before being worn. Arm is cast in black Smooth-On Onyx resin. Pictures are an example of what a completed piece can look like.

I DO NOT trim, sand, size, or otherwise get these ready for you to finish – they come “AS IS.”

If you’re interested in a completed version of this kit, check out the Winter Soldier Arm (Chrome Plated)!



All numbers are approximate. Measurements were taken by measuring the circumference around the outside and calculating the approximate interior circumference based on 1/8″ thick walls. Since these are made by hand, actual numbers will vary. If your arm is this size or smaller at these points, you SHOULD fit (no guarantees, since everybody is proportioned differently, and every casting is unique).

  • Bicep Circumference: ~16 3/4″ 
  • Forearm Circumference (widest): ~14 3/4″ 
  • Wrist Circumference (narrowest): ~8 3/4″ 
  • Total Length (shoulder to wrist): ~26″




This is a quick video of the range of motion available with the FIRST VERSION of the Arm I made. The one currently available was modified for better movement with increased room in the elbow and wrist areas.

This second video shows the movement of the current version. The arm in this video was a resin kit that was purchased and finished by a customer, and is being worn by a third party who admits to being slightly too large for it. But his review is honest and accurate.




Most items typically ship in 2-3 weeks. This allows me to work more efficiently, keeping the price lower for you.

If you need this item by a specific date, please contact me regarding that date before placing your order to confirm I can meet your deadline. Keep in mind you will likely need some time to finish the item before it can be used, so choose your desired deadline accordingly.

You will be notified when your order ships, and given tracking info.

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