Heimdall, Marvel Studios

Based on the character from the movie Thor by Marvel Studios, Heimdall was the first full costume SoloRoboto Industries was commissioned to make. It was also my first time working with EVA foam, and my first full suit of armor. It was an immense challenge, and it had to be completed on a tight deadline. At the time the only reference available was the film itself, so the biggest hurdle was patterning out the armor to fit the client.

The helmet pattern consisted of over 30 individual pieces. The final version was assembled from pieces of plastic sheet, EVA foam, and coated with layers of urethane resin to seal and hold it all together before being body shopped and painted. The armor is made from layers of foam, some also coated in urethane resin where a rigid structure or stability was required. The armor consists of half a dozen pieces held together with nylon straps and clasps. The finished helmet weighs less than 2 lbs, and the assembled chest armor weighs less than 5 lbs. 

The leather work on the sleeves, pants, and loin-cloth were all done by Kit Quinn, who also assisted with final fitting, strapping, and assembly of the armor. The immense sword was made by Kommissar Props in just under 2 weeks.

Photos by Mad Calamity and Dave Lucchesi Photography.