Winter Soldier Arm (Chrome Plated) -ALL SIZES-


This fully finished, chrome-plated Winter Soldier Arm is skinned with real metal (no paint!), wearable, and great for your Winter Soldier or Bucky Barnes costume!

Custom Order



The information on this page applies to ALL SIZES of the Winter Soldier Arm I offer. Regardless of which size you fit, you will need to read the information and follow the instructions below. 



I do my best to custom fit and tailor every Arm so it fits you as best it can. To do that, I need some information from you, which you can submit by filling out a REQUEST FORM after you’ve read everything on this page. Once you’ve done that, I’ll contact you to confirm the necessary details, and provide you with an invoice for the total via PayPal.

I also sell several unfinished versions:



This Winter Soldier Arm kit includes 3 pieces – a shoulder/bicep piece, a forearm piece, and forearm insert.

This is a FULLY FINISHED resin cast, chrome plated with a skin of rhodium chrome. This results in an inner layer of urethane resin sandwiched between layers of real metal. This makes a finished Arm much more durable than any resin cast. The chrome skin adds a negligible amount of weight – the difference is less than a pound.

Aside from the red star, there is no paint involved in the finish of this piece – the surface is actual metal, and can be cleaned with water, alcohol, solvents, or even acetone without any risk of damaging the surface. It will not rust or fade. It is scratch resistant, and incredibly durable. Chrome is available in 4 versions – “Polished” (high gloss), “Satin” (medium/low gloss), “Bright Satin” (medium gloss), and “Brushed” (satin finish, with brushed metal texture). My personal preference (and the more “film accurate”) is Bright Satin.

Unless you specifically request otherwise, Arms are plated with a “Bright Satin Nickel” finish.

I make these arms in 3 pieces – the Shoulder/Bicep and Forearm pieces overlap at the elbow. A third Insert piece slots into the forearm and is removable, to make the forearm easier to put on for those with larger hands. I add flanges made from fiberglass at each seam, and embed rare-earth magnets. This makes the entire Arm “snap” together into one piece when positioned correctly, so that for photos it appears seamless. The flanges are strong enough to hold the arm together even without being worn, but firm pressure will disconnect the magnets, separating the pieces and allowing for enough movement to function normally (see the linked video below for a demonstration).

I will attempt to size the finished piece to your measurements as best I can. I can only size the Arm DOWN (decrease the size), not UP (I can’t increase any measurements). Your arm must fit within the measurements listed, and there is still a limit to how much alteration can be done.



For measurements of the various sizes I offer, please see the individual Resin Kit product listings:



This is a quick video of the range of motion available with the FIRST VERSION of the Arm I made. The one currently available was modified for better movement with increased room in the elbow and wrist areas.

This second video shows the movement of the current version. The arm in this video was a resin kit that was purchased and finished by a customer, does not include the magnetic flanges I install, and is being worn by a third party who admits to being slightly too large for it. But his review is honest and accurate.




This is a CUSTOM item, and shipping/delivery times will vary. As part of the Request Form linked above you will be asked for a desired deadline – if this item can be delivered in accordance with that date, it will. Please pick your desired dates accordingly.

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