Big Barda Mega Rod (Finished)


A fully finished, painted, and illuminated copy of Big Barda’s Mega Rod! Great for display or cosplay!



This Mega Rod is a fully finished version of the resin kit I sell, and is modeled on the comic book character Big Barda’s weapon of the same name, based on assorted art by Michael Turner and Jack Kirby.

This piece is hollow cast from black urethane resin, except for the handle section which is solid for both balance and stability. Resin used is Smooth-On Onyx.

This is a FULLY FINISHED piece. It includes all lights, switches, painting, and weathering effects. Photos provided are an excellent representation of what your Mega Rod will look like. Though since every piece is individually crafted by hand, some details may not precisely match photos.



You will be notified when this item ships, and given tracking info.

This item typically ships in 4-6 weeks. This allows me to work more efficiently, keeping the price lower for you.

If you need this item by a specific date, please contact me regarding that date before placing your order to confirm I can meet your deadline. Keep in mind you will likely need some time to finish the item before it can be used, so choose your desired deadline accordingly.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 36 × 8 × 8 in