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The following should address the most common concerns and questions you’re likely to have when ordering something from the store. For any other questions about orders, sales, or policies, you can contact me directly using this form.


How soon will I get my stuff?

Items typically ship in 4-6 weeks. This allows me to work in batches, assembly line style, and saves everybody money. For addresses within the continental United States, most items arrive in 3-5 days once shipped. International orders take longer, and I have little control over them. If you need your item by a specific date, please contact me FIRST (using this form) to make sure I can meet your deadline.  

Can I get it faster?

Maybe. Faster shipping is always more expensive. If you really want your stuff in a hurry, please contact me BEFORE placing your order (using this form), and I’ll see if I can help you out.  

I screwed up. Can I cancel my order?

Generally speaking, no. If it’s an order from the “Kits & Raw Castings” section of the store, and it hasn’t shipped yet, then the answer is “maybe.” If it’s a finished or custom piece, then the answer is most likely “no.” In either case, please contact me to see if I’ve started work (using this form) . Once I’ve started work, or an order ships, there’s no going back.  

What if I don’t get my stuff?

I insure every package I send for the full value of its contents, and require a valid signature on delivery (these costs are factored into the shipping when you order). So in the rare event you don’t get your stuff, contact me (using this form) and I’ll do the work of initiating an insurance claim with the postal carrier to get things worked out.  

What is your return/refund policy?

All sales are final. Items may not be returned. Upon delivery of the item (as determined by postal carrier), all payments are non-refundable, transferable, or negotiable. Should the worst happen and your item shows up damaged, carefully document the problem and contact me (using this form), and I will make every effort to issue a refund based on the amount of insurance the postal carrier will give me (I fully insure every item shipped).  

Are you going to sell my personal info, or do anything else shady?

No. I will never take advantage of your personal info for personal gain. That would be wrong. Plus, I value your privacy as much as you do. I even pay extra to have a properly secured website so all your important financial data stays safe, too.