Wonder Woman Armor, DC Comics

The Wonder Woman armor was commissioned as a set of cosplay armor, based on a number of varying art styles. Later, my studio was commissioned by a second client to modify the armor to match the style of artist Terry Dodson, and I made a second belt to match.

I started with a plaster body cast of the client (in her corset, since the armor would be sitting on top), and sculpted both the Belt and Chest pieces entirely from body filler. Details were added in mostly via dremel, with finer details getting carved with a razor blade and small sheets of sand paper. These positive sculpts were then body-shopped, painted, and molded in silicone. The final armor pieces are slush cast from urethane resin interlaced with fiberglass mat for added strength and stability. 

The first versions of the armor were painted with a durable gold paint. A later version was plated with a skin of real gold. Chrome armor belongs to and is modeled by Kit Quinn. Photos by Geri Kramer Photography.