Squall’s Gunblade, FF8

I’d wanted to make a Gunblade since I first saw the game years ago, and it was a great challenge to make! The Revolver pieces were built up from layers of acrylic and styrene plastic, then sanded down to the proper form. Additional details were added using more layers of plastic (the hammer from acrylic, the trigger from layered styrene, and the barrels from PVC and aluminum tubing). The cylinder was lathed from a piece of pressure cast urethane resin, and the grooves machined out on a table router. The inset details were carved using a dremel tool, and the bullet chambers drilled out on a drill press. 

Both the Revolver and Cylinder were then molded in silicone, and “cold cast” from urethane resin with an outer layer of aluminum powder.

The blade is a sandwich of 3 pieces of acrylic and 2 pieces of pink insulation foam. The outer most, and inner most, layers being acrylic. The Lions were laser etched into smaller sheets of acrylic, and inset into the blade before finishing it. The beveled blade edge was added using epoxy putty. The entire blade was painted with Alclad lacquer and sealed. The revolver handle was painted with textured paint to give it some grip, then satin black, and sealed. The main body of the Revolver and the Cylinder were buffed with aluminum polish for an authentic metal shine.