Portal Bearer Sword, Task Force Gaea

The Portal Bearer Sword was commissioned by author David Berger to represent the hero’s weapon from his Task Force: Gaea novels. The client had previously commissioned a 3D model of the sword for use in promotional material, so I worked with Hoku Props who took the files and machined the blade out of rigid foam, and 3D printed the gems.

The blade was body shopped, molded in silicone, and “cold cast” in aluminum powdered urethane resin before the inscription was laser etched down the center. The gems were molded and pressure cast in translucent blue casting epoxy. The urethane resin handle is attached to the blade via a set of brass pins and epoxy adhesive. The gems are held in place between the blade and handle with simple friction.

The sword measures approximately 24″ end to end, and weighs a touch under 4 lbs.


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